About Us

Dear Customers, our company has adopted the understanding of total quality since its establishment and has always prioritized customer satisfaction. As a well-established and reliable company, we take our strength from our confidence in the quality of our products and from our personnel who produce every product they produce as if they would use them themselves. The main purpose is to meet the needs of our customers without compromising product quality. The most important factor that makes Niksan Furniture different is the quality of the raw materials used.

Niksan Furniture, followed by an honest, productive, robust policy of containing faith and confidence, currently exporting to 4 points abroad, Turkey has become a firm providing services in more than 100 points across.

Niksan Furniture products, which we produce by carefully selecting hundreds of raw materials and materials and adhering to the quality standards to the maximum extent in order to respond effectively to customer expectations, have a reputation for their quality and durability.

Niksan Furniture, with its mission and principles, will continue to be guests in more and more houses day by day.